Cedric has had a horribly unsettled time recently. Sadly his human died a while ago. A young couple took him in and cared for him so that he wasn’t left homeless in his grief. Unfortunately it didn’t end there because they also had to move house and couldn’t find anywhere in the area that they could rent along with Cedric. So (onto his third home) he went to live with the parents of one of the couple. Poor lad, none of this is his fault .. but their young cat has been hysterical about a second cat moving in, and his affectionate tendency to wrap himself around people’s legs is a bit of a hazard to one of the parents who is unsteady on his feet.


We believe Cedric is about 10 years old, micro chipped and very quiet. He likes a nice bed to snuggle into and humans to make a fuss of him.

He’s not an 8 Lives cat, however we are happy to help to rehome him. He’ll need a home where someone is around to give him love and affection, and a safe garden to potter around in when he’s not sleeping in his favourite bed.

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