If you’re looking for a handsome and very affectionate cat, Mowgli is your man. His history is a little unclear and he’s probably had more than one previous home. He’s coped well with this though, and apart from being a little anxious when he first arrived he’s a very happy boy – very friendly with humans and with other cats. He arrived in rescue with his friend Lyra and loves to cuddle with her. Unfortunately though, Lyra is pregnant and they will need to be separated soon. His worst problem at the moment when I go into his room, is deciding whether he wants to eat of be cuddled first. Bless him. He has a very healthy appetite but snuggles often win.

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He’s about 8 months old, and has now been neutered and chipped. He will be vaccinated before going to his new home. We think he’s been used to going outside previously so he’ll want a nice safe garden to explore once he’s settled in his new home. He’s been used to living with other cats and would most likely enjoy the company of another cat/s, and probably dogs if given a careful introduction.

We always home check prior to adoption and ask a minimum adoption donation of £70, so that we can replenish our funds to help the next cat who comes along.

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