Young  Tilly is one of the sweetest natured cats we’ve had in rescue.    She arrived here with Tinkerbell, her kitten, over the summer.    Sadly she was already pregnant again  so while Tinkerbell went off to her lovely new home,  poor Tilly had to start again with raising little balls of fluff.   She’s only about 18 months old so must have spent pretty much all her adult life pregnant with and then raising little ones.   To make matters worse, she had 6 (!) kittens this time.

cc tilly 3


She’s been a lovely attentive and patient mummy, but her kittens are all reserved now and will be starting their new lives in their new homes at the end of November, so her job is done … and very well done.   The hard work, and especially the feeding of them has taken it out of her a bit, and she needs a home where she’ll get love and attention and be able to start to put a bit of weight on.   She’s been spayed and microchipped, and has started her vaccinations … they’ll be finished by the time she goes to her new home.

Tilly and kits 3 weeks old5

In the last couple of weeks she’s accepted some older kittens sharing a room with her and her little family, and taken them under her wing as her own.   So with careful introductions she’ll probably do fine living with other cats in the house.   Once she’s settled she’d like a safe garden to potter around in.

tily and t team 5 weeks

We always homecheck prior to adoption, and ask a minimum donation of £70 for an adult cat.


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