golden oldies

We have two adorable (paying) senior guests for a couple of weeks to help them through a housing crisis.  I have to admit to having been a little anxious when I was told about these two teenagers – a timid lady and an elderly gent needing twice daily medication.  However they have been a complete delight.

FJ and B

FJ and B

FJ the boy was immediately friendly and adorable, tho his sister B hung back a little.  While FJ was having a cuddle B watched and rolled and purred as though it was her being stroked.  Once she realised they were on a pamper holiday she’s not been able to get enough of being brushed.  I’m not sure I’ve fallen for any cats quite so quickly.  FJ is a real gentleman when it comes to giving him his tablet – he knows its coming and will happily be disturbed from eating, allow me to open his mouth, and swallow the tablet.  What a star.   His mummy has clearly done an excellent job of getting him used to it.

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They’re the kind of cats who are happy to make polite conversation, so when I say something to them they invariably answer.  They like to be around and involved with stuff and have helped cleaning their  bedroom, painting the bathroom, and putting up some pictures on the landing.

Every now and then they go quiet, and look a little wistful.   Enquiries are made about mum and going home.  I’ve assured them that it will be about 7 sleeps until mum comes to collect them.   They’re currently sleeping to olympic standard in the hope that 7 sleeps will be done by tomorrow.



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