a tail of the unexpected

Today has been an interesting and record breaking day.   I went to collect Bracken, my very first cat who was officially an 8Lives rescue cat.   He’d been taken in as a stray by an elderly man a couple of years ago, but sadly the man had died.   The family were anxious to find him a rescue place as they were unable to keep him, and the pressure was on as the gent’s house had to be cleared and the keys handed back.

Bracken was a lovely black lad … and the only one apart from my Sooty who I’ve seen with white whiskers.    Unfortunately he’d got very stressed whilst his human had been poorly and had taken to over-grooming himself.   His back legs and tummy were almost bald poor lad.  On the journey across town we established that there was absolutely nothing wrong with his voice.  However I thought it might be best to pop in to the vet on the way home just so they could check him out.  

Bracken waiting at the vets to go home

Bracken waiting at the vets to go home

Lovely Vets4Pets at Millhouses – managed to slot him in to an appointment.  He was healthy apart from his over grooming and Alastair gave him a shot to stop the irritation in his skin so he wouldn’t be so tempted to pick at it.  Just as an afterthought we checked for a chip.  Goodness knows how many cats I’ve waved a scanner over knowing deep down that there would be nothing.  But this time ……… PING! …….. chip found!   Various phone calls made and finally one to his baffled ‘owner’.   She couldn’t quite believe that a vet practice  were phoning her about the cat she lost 3 years ago!  But yes he was her cat, and yes she wanted him back, and yes she could come and collect him later.  

So Bracken stayed at the vets to await his ride home.   He never actually made it to my house.   I reckon I had him for about 45 minutes – which is probably the quickest turn around time I’ll ever have.   I also reckon he cost me just under £1 per minute during the time I had him.   I sooooo hope this remains the record for most expensive cat for a long long time to come.

I called the surgery just before closing time to check Bracken was sorted, and sure enough his humans had collected him.  I so hope I hear more of this tail  so all concerned can fill in the gaps.

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One thought on “a tail of the unexpected

  1. Moira

    Wonderful, amazing story. Thank God for microchipping and thank you for facilitating this safe return to his owner.


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