Oscar – the “found” cat

Despite advertising the lovely ginger tom we found with the poorly ear a few weeks ago on every website we could think of, and putting up posters all around the area, no one came forward to claim him. He was even allowed to go outside, with a collar and ID barrel on, complete with note explaining where he’d been for the last few weeks and why. However he seemed in no more of a hurry to go looking for his humans than they were to come looking for him.

oscar with me

When it became apparent that no one was going to come for him we got him micro chipped and vaccinated and did another round of advertising – this time for a new home for him. It didn’t take long. He’s a real charmer. Such a lovely snuggly purry cat – everyone who has met him has loved him. Loves to be picked up, arms around my neck, nuzzling into my face, purring to Olympic standard.

I took Oscar to his new home this morning. None of the usual ‘new cat’ stuff of running behind the sofa and staying there for a fortnight. Os checked out his new bed and then wandered along to the kitchen to see what food was available. After a quick snack he tried out both humans’ laps and decided they were both comfortable. Off for a brief chat with the resident guinea pig and then settled himself on the back of the sofa. I doubt he’ll have any problem settling in 😉

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