comings and goings

It’s been pretty hectic since we got back from holiday.   First of all we needed to get Meg off to the vets to be spayed.   She couldn’t possibly produce a nicer set of kittens if she had another go at it, so she may as well quit now.   I’m not sure how she felt about being separated from her kits for the first time in their lives.  Until they were big enough to climb she did enjoy sitting up on the desk in her room and having a bit of peace and quiet, but she was always able to see them and hear if they called her.   They’ve quickly learned to climb anything that’s put in front of them though so there’s been little rest for her.

The kittens had a great time though.  The three older kittens came to call for them and they all went to play out on the landing.

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They all seemed to have a good time, though the little Ms were very pleased to see mummy back again.

Barney was glad he’d made the effort with them because a few days later his brother and sister went to their new homes and the poor lad was left on his own.  He’s not liked that at all; he cries when he’s shut in his bedroom on his own.  So he’s had his door open and mixed with the Ms some more.  I’m not sure if he realises how big he is – he looks longingly at the games the little Ms are playing and eventually can resist no longer and charges in.  That’s when mummy Meg tells him off.   The little ones seem to enjoy it though and rush back to play with him again.

lovely barney

lovely barney

He’s such a lovely boy – gradually building his confidence around people  and changing from a timid cat who would hide most of the time, to a sweet, gentle purry boy.  He’s going to make some lucky person very happy one day.



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