Barney’s baby brother!

I think Barney kind of wished he’d not said anything about being lonely when Bailey and Bella had gone to their new homes, because the day after they left his baby brother, Benson, arrived!   I’m not sure how much of a family likeness I expected when I said we could take him but if ever two brothers were different ……..


Benson tumbled into Barney’s bedroom and immediately started playing with all his toys.  While Barney quietly and disbelievingly stalked him from the shelf above him, Benson sat oblivious with a cat nip mouse in one hand and a rattly ball in the other,   Then he squared up to Barney, quite unconcerned that he’s about quarter of Barney’s size. ……. And Barney backed away looking worried.

So we thought we’d try him in with the M family instead.  However, he started squabbling with the little Ms and trying to bully them, even though there’s 4 of them and they’re a few weeks older than him.  Meg got cross and clipped him round the ear, so he started to back chat her as well.  So we put him in the crate in the M family’s bedroom. ………. and he howled.  So we put him in back in Barney’s room ……… and he howled again ……… and then Barney started crying.

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Thankfully 4 days is a long time in kitten relationships, and although young Benson is still a bit of a monkey and needs the odd slap from Meg, he’s mixing in a lot better with the little Ms and loves his big brother.  I’m not entirely sure that’s mutual.

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