celebrating big time! just Meg to sort!

You know all those down and difficult days when things aren’t going well and you wonder however you’re going to find homes for your foster cats?  Well this isn’t one of them!

Suddenly homes have fallen into place for all the little Ms, the little B (and my goodness isn’t he just a little B!), and now Barney as well.  They’re all going to be going off to their new homes over the next couple of weeks.

Now its Meg we need to think about.   She’s been a lovely mummy to the little Ms.  I’ve no idea how many times she’s had to try to bring up a litter of kittens, or in what circumstances.   She appeared only a very young cat to me, though when the vet looked at her teeth she thinks maybe 4/5.   It could be that she’s just had a really awful diet through her life and she’s considerably  younger than that.    Poor care and diet during repeated pregnancies doesn’t do a lot of good to your teeth.


Meg has been neutered now so she’ll never have to go through all that again.   And she’s been vaccinated and micro chipped for added protection.  She’s a lovely, sweet natured, gentle and loving cat.   She was a bit ferocious with other cats whilst her little ones were tiny, but as they’e grown she’s become more ok with them and has accepted Barney as a mother’s help / baby sitter.  She’s given young Benson  a few clips round the ear … but to be fair … if you met Benson you’d understand 😉

She needs a loving home of her own now where she can start to make a life for herself and relax  and enjoy herself after all those difficult times.

Please could you share this post and see if we can get her into a lovely home soon after her kittens go?  Adoption is on condition of home check, a minimum donation of £70 (so we have something in the piggy bank to help the next poor stray) and a few pictures of them settling in their new home 😉




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