new lives for little ms and bs!

So it continues, the mass exodus of the M and B gangs, with Magic and Benson going to their home on Monday and then Barney and Minstrel on Tuesday.   Mouse and Mittens go next week.

We’ve had messages from Bella and Bailey who went a couple of weeks ago.   Bella has already established that she’s top cat  over her new step brother and is settling in happily.   Bailey is having a lovely time being an only cat and getting all the fuss.

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I took Magic and Benson to their new home on Monday …….. and drove away quickly, just in case they changed their minds once Benson was actually in the house.  He quickly worked out that he could climb up some boxes and then get hold of the tassels on the runner across the sideboard.   It’s strange how as soon as we knew these two lads were going to a new home together, they seemed to be always together, either snuggled up or play fighting.  Their closeness has continued into their new home as they spent most of the first day exploring together, then washing each other and finally snuggling up to sleep together.  I think they’ve got just the right family – well used to boisterous little boys – these two will be fine.


benson & magic first day in new home



I was a bit anxious about Barney going.  Soooo pleased for him that he’d found himself a lovely forever home, but anxious about the disruption to him.  He’s made such progress in the last few weeks – from hiding all the time, to coming out to look but running away when you come near, to staying put and watching what you’re doing, and then in the last few days catching himself starting to run up to me for a cuddle … and then I think realising that that wasn’t what he does and backing off again.  Such a lovely cat though.   When I left him and Minstrel, Minstrel was playing but Barney was under the sofa.  Lovely understanding family who were quite prepared to deal with that and let him come out when he was ready.  I thought he’d be there for a couple of days at least.  Tears in my eyes when I got a photo of them later that evening.  Barney, bless him, still looking anxious, but up on the sofa with his new human.

barney & minstrel first day in new home


Their plan for world domination is clearly developing as I got another pic from them today, showing how they’d persuaded the humans to shift the furniture round so they could have their bed just where they wanted it.

minstrel & barney second day in new home

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