meg – new life starts here!

Mittens, the last of Meg’s kittens to go to his new home, packed his suitcase and left this evening.   I find it hard to describe the mixed feelings that leaves me with, so how on earth little Meg is feeling I can’t begin to imagine.  I vividly remember popping in one morning a few days after Meg arrived, just to see how she was settling in.  She was crouched under the desk, one little black and white bit of fluff wriggling around next to her, and another in the process of being born.  I stayed in the room, at a safe distance since Meg hadn’t had time to get used to me, until all 4 little bits of monochrome fur had been born, and between us, Meg and I had them safely contained within the ring of a rolled up towel.

meg's kits day one3

By the time a few days had passed we were all more settled with each other.  Meg had the kits organised, and trusted me, and I started to work out who was who in the black and white huddle.  Between us, we’ve watched the kits grow and develop, open their eyes, learn to climb, learn to trash stuff, grow, be chipped and vaccinated, and start to meet potential new humans.

minstrel & magic2

Yet again we’ve been exceptionally lucky with the homes we’ve found…. or to be more accurate – the people who have found us!  Lovely, lovely families, really couldn’t wish for better for these little ones.   Fabulous!  And yet, its hard to not feel a bit sad.  The sound of the wildebeest migration overhead has ended now there’s no kits in the bedroom.   What hurts the most though is wondering what Meg makes of it?  At random intervals I’ve come into her room, picked up a kitten, handed him to her for one last kiss and then taken him away to start his new life.   Since Magic and Minstrel left I’ve been encouraging her to mix with my residents so she wouldn’t be totally alone once Mouse and Mittens had gone.  That’s going reasonably well though some of my lot forget that they were also homeless not that long ago.

Please let someone come along soon who is able to make Meg their cat – she’s very sweet and loving, and longing for a chance to start a new life of her own.  Here she is showing off her new collar courtesy of kitty collars .

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So,  come on, whoever it is who is out there waiting for Meg …. she’s ready for you now …….. please contact us 

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