day eleven in the house

We’ve been doing our best here with Jak and Jen over the last few days, and muddling along together we’d made some real progress. However the reality was that they were still very scared, and if I’m honest … so was I. If they jump, I jump … and if Jen jumps then so does Jak and vice versa …. so we’ve all been playing on each others anxiety.

jak & jen 15 nov2

Today however has been a real turning point. Wizzcat came to visit with her magic stick and blankie. I watched …… absolutely awestruck as she approached Jak, first with the magic wand, then with the blanket, and then proceeded to give him a full body massage starting under his chin and then moving on to his ears. Bless him, those ears have held so much tension over the last couple of weeks … flattening them down against his head as he’s been doing must be exhausting. It was heartbreaking to see how he was shaking with fear at even the most careful touch, but it was also the start of some real hope that he could learn to enjoy human touch, and with an understanding human might be able to have a happy life as part of a family.

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Sigh …….. it looked so easy when Wizz did it. When I went in later to try to continue the work I felt like I was just poking the poor souls with a stick. Having said that … Jak settled down fairly happily to being stroked with the nagic wand and had his chin, ears and shoulders rubbed. He settled his head down and closed his eyes whilst I was rubbing his head with the wand. I’m not sure if it was a snore or the start of a purr, but the sound startled both of us a bit and we jumped back to attention. Jen is a bit more feisty but also a bit more confident and she’s been quite happily taking Dreamies from my hands and enjoying a stroke.

My lovely Sooty wasn’t at all scared of Wizz and confidently helped himself to rummaging in her handbag …. bless him. I think its his age that lets him get away with it 🙂

soot in wizz's bag2

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