day seven in the house

So, its nearly a week now since Jak and Jenni arrived.   I wonder if they’ve felt its gone quickly or not?   It’s been a bit over a week since their entire furry lives fell apart, and their dad had to take them into rescue.  Jenni has spent most of the week hiding in the bottom of the scratch post, and Jak hiding behind the basket.  As we’ve gone along its often felt one step forward and two steps back … however when I come to look at it a week on, I realise this can’t be true because there HAS been progress.

jak & jenni day six3 jak day four1

For the first time this evening when I went in to to them after work, Jenni wasn’t hiding in the scratch post, she was up on the chest of drawers in one of the baskets.  She hopped down when I put some food out, let me stroke her, rubbed round my hand and then nipped me.   Jak mostly hid, but came out to use his lit tray and crept around the edge of the room, had a mouthful of food and then went to hide.   Not great, but compared to the hissing, spitting, lashing out of a week ago it seemed fantastic.

Now when I’ve just gone in to put the light and radio off and say night night, Jenni is hissing at me again.  Perhaps she was just really interested in the article on “In Touch” and didn’t want to miss the end of it.  But my heart sank a bit again.

finally somewhere other than hiding when i went in

finally somewhere other than hiding when i went in

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