day four in the house

The house feels so different at the end of this week from how it felt at the beginning.  No more crazy stampedes of over excited kittens, just an air of fear as Jak and Jenni wait, wondering if today will be the day when whatever it is they are dreading will happen to them.

Fortunately, and no thanks to the damned fireworks, we’re gradually making some progress.   Each day I’ve seen a little bit more of them than the day before – ok, so I’m just about counting it in inches.   On day two Jenni moved her face to the opening of the hidey hole, day three she put her head out.  Day two Jak put his head above the back of the bed, day three he reached around the edge of the bed to get a spoonful of sardine.   It’s kind of alternated who is the bravest.   At first I thought Jak was more confident, then he flattened his ears against his head, and Jenni seemed more confident, until she growled, and then it was Jak being brave, gradually inching a little closer to me to get a spoonful of pilchard.

Today we’ve been able to dispense with the spoon most of the time, and offer bits of fish to them in my hand.  I have to say, this isn’t just about their fear ….. I’m no hero and until today I wasn’t ready to risk putting my hands anywhere near them.   This afternoon Jak slowly came further out from behind the bed as I moved the food further away.  He even managed to be a bit interested in a toy.

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This evening has been interesting.   I thought Jenni was more scared, and that she was growling at me again when I started offering her pilchards.  Then I realised it was a purr, not a growl.  I know cats will purr when they’re afraid too, but she slowly emerged from her hiding place, in response to the fish and some Dreamies.  She started rubbing her head around my hand and let me stroke her.  WOW!

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I’ve just been in to say night night and to put their radio off.  Jenni not run back to her hiding place, she’s next to Jak, but they both hissing again.  So I’m wondering what progress has been made.


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