Dreaming of a Black Christmas

It’s just possible that you’ll remember that Sooty had a parcel from a secret admirer back in May when he wasn’t very well.  It was stuffed with all manner of goodies which he nommed his way through over the summer.   I was surprised and delighted when aunty Moggie messaged me to say that he’d had another delivery from the same wonderful person.

On top was a beautiful hand made Christmas card addressed to Sooty Ryan:

sooty's card2



Being Sooty he’s playing it quite cool, and having had a look at the card casually strolled over to see his present.

It takes a cat who is very confident about his place in the world to be so calm about such a fantastic present.   He’s forgotten the days of being a poor stray out in the snow, and now quite rightly assumes that he’s fully entitled to everything he could ever want.   The girlies however were not so calm – they’re now all vying to be Sooty’s best friend so as to make sure of their share of the goodies.

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I notice Soots has also been given goodies to share with the non furry people in his life.  And of course, I’m his bestest friend …. aren’t I Soots?!

Thank you again to “Claire” for sending us such a lovely gift …… a Merry Christmas to you!

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