6 weeks in the house

Time suddenly seems to have flown and Jak and Jen have been here 6 weeks.   As with most difficult things, all 3 of us seem to have found a level and muddled our way through it.   We’re all a bit more relaxed around each other than we were.  Jenny has settled into being a lovely snuggle puss – she purrs loads and rubs round me and rolls over on her back, loving a fuss.   As with all cats, you respond to that invitation to tickle her lovely fluffy tummy at your own risk 😉

jen with aunty wizz's pillow2

Jak still has a bit of a hissy fit if there are sudden movements close to him, and is pretty clear in his own mind that he does not want to be touched. He looks on, quite bemused, as his mum gets blissed out by cuddles.   His general demeanour is so so different from how it was when he first arrived though.   He’ll stay laying in his bed, quite relaxed when you go into their room, and climb down to eat when food is put out …. and not run away if I put down a bowl of fresh water next to him whilst he’s eating.   He’ll engage in playing now, and is very proud of the mouse toy which he catches with great speed and skill.

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We have a nightly ritual of sharing one of those chew sticks with the pair of them.  I tear of a little bit and hand it to Jenny (who is usually more or less on top of me) then tear off another piece and I experiment with how far away I need to throw it for Jak to risk moving forward to get it before Jen turns around and grabs it.  The lad is getting closer …. this is his experiment with safety too.   The flat-against-the-head ears have gone, as has the hiding and cowering.   The hissing remains but is hugely reduced.  I’m cautiously hopeful.

jak and jen 16 dec4

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