patter of tiny feet

The happy story of the quick turn around in Chi and Changi’s lives has been complicated a little recently.  You may remember they were offered a lovely new home together within a week of arriving in rescue.    The only downside of it was that its within range of Magic and Benson’s new home 😉  Those of you who remember young Benson will understand  … bless him.  I can’t believe the little rogue is old enough to have been booked in for his snip next week.



So we planned a date for them to move to their new home after having been chipped and snipped and vaccinated.   However, as the day of the op approached something seemed not quite right.   Mum and daughter who had looked so similar in size and shape when they arrived began to look a little different …. only at certain angles ….. but ….. Chi seemed to be filling out around her middle.    They’d been wormed so it wasn’t that, and although they were eating well it wasn’t excessive.  Uh oh.  Their previous family hadn’t bothered to get them spayed because they were supposedly indoor cats, though they did tell me that Chi had got out once or twice.   Once is all it takes for hormone driven felines!

So now what to do?   Thinking that maybe Chi was pregnant but not sure.  What on earth to do about the new home?  Would they decide they would take Changi but couldn’t be bothered with coping with Chi and her unplanned pregnancy?  Even worse, would they decide they didn’t want either of them and go elsewhere to adopt?   We went off to our lovely vets and they also thought she was pregnant, and that Chi was about mid term.  Distressing conversation about the pros and cons of going ahead with “spay” …. it could be done but would be more major midline op, and would terminate quite well developed kittens.   In the wider context of over abundance of kittens this could have made sense.  In the narrower context of what I could bear and what it could put Chi through and what the vet felt was right ….. the answer was “no”.

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So a week ago I sent off an anxious email explaining the situation to the new family … and held my breath.   I didn’t have to wait long.  Hours later I got a very simple response: “it’s fine, how could we not still want them”.   Bless them.   So Changi has been off for her op and will be joining her new family next weekend.  Chi, meanwhile, is getting biggerer and biggerer.  She’ll have her babies here, bring them up, be spayed and then join Changi in their new home.   All being well we’ll have the very best of all worlds – the family will visit Chi and watch her kittens growing up, and at the same time help the kittens to get used to new people and children in particular -which  will help the kittens when it comes to them finding new homes.

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