Please could you help?

So far 8 Lives have scraped along on a shoe string. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to care for a couple of cats temporarily last year, whilst their human was moving house, and get paid for it.

paying guests for once

paying guests for once

That gave us a little bit of a financial cushion.  Since then we’ve relied on adoption donations, a few generous food donations, and the fact that I sometimes forget to claim back what I’ve paid out of my own personal account on the cats, to break even.   Chi and Changi, adorable cats that they were, brought earmites to the house.  It cost over £100 in advocate, ear cleaner and ear drops to treat the pair of them.  It would have been a lot more if a lovely friend of 8 Lives hadn’t donated some spare advocate.  With something like earmites its not good enough to just treat the infected cats, we had to advocate all the residents as well … a personal rather than an 8 Lives bill but a big hit all the same.


Whilst we were wondering how to get back on track after that bill, we had a tragedy with Chi.  The bill for her emergency section was £570. Thankfully our lovely vets give us some discount as we’re frequent flyers, but it was still a serious bill, and it’s left us with just £9.98 in our account.   We’re praying that Arwen and her kits are going to be ok and not need any unexpected vet care, and currently have to be closed to taking any other cats in as we don’t have the funds to cover them.

arwen kits3

So we’re asking now for help. Donations would be brilliant either directly to 8 Lives, or into our account at Millhouses Vets4Pets. Help with ongoing fund raising would be even more welcome. Working full time, looking after the cats, doing home checks, paperwork, accounts etc has been as much as we can manage. A few people who were able to give some time to fundraising would be amazing.

Please contact us either on facebook or email if you could help at all.

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