Growing up

Thankfully under the care of Aunty Wizz, the remaining two of Chi’s kittens are still hanging on in there. Poor Aunty Wizz is hanging in there too, though her risk of heart attack has multiplied by ten since they went to stay. They put on very little weight in week two. A healthy kitten would be expected to put on 8-10g on average each day at that age. The little girl put on 8g in the whole week. They are still only about half the weight you’d expect them to be if all was well and they were with mum, but at least now they are putting on some weight. And of course are absolutely gorgeous:

chi girl kit

chi boy kit

Meanwhile, Arwen is doing a wonderful job with her kittens. They’re exactly a week younger than Chi’s. Their eyes are open now and they’re just starting to take an interest in the world.

We’ll be sorting out names for the little A Team soon. The little black lad is already named Albert – after the lovely old hyperthyroid boy I took down to Essex last summer. The others will be named just as soon as we can tell the difference between them 😉 Here they are on a brief outing from their nest for their first worm treatment.

Lyra’s kittens are still safe inside, being grown …


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