and finally …………

It’s not been a straightforward reduction in numbers of kittens. That’s what we’d planned – get it down to just the residents plus one or two others, and then hire a carpet cleaner and freshen things up before starting again. Cats however are not noted for fitting in with other people’s plans.

On Tuesday we got an anxious message from a young woman who had taken a cat in when a neighbour died some weeks ago. She’d looked after her well, realised she was pregnant and made a safe space for her to have her babies. They’d managed until the woman herself had her own baby and then it was all too much, and she was desperate to get them into rescue. So off we went to collect them. It was a bit of a shock to see how much like Chi and some of her kittens, they looked. They’re absolutely gorgeous. Mum very protective and growled a lot when she first arrived, but she’s chilling out now … so long as Albert and Aslan stay out of her room. Kittens will be 6 weeks old on Tuesday so it will be a while before they can go to new homes. Mum is already starting to think (loudly) about her next litter … so we’ll be off to Vets4Pets as soon as we can get a family planning appointment.

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