Baby sitting

Nala has been for her spay today, so in the time honoured tradition of 8 Lives, the older kittens have been baby sitting to give mummy a rest after her op. It’s been interesting to watch their different reactions to being asked to do some work. Loki is quite shy, but bravely did her best with all three little ones at various times during the evening.

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Albert and Aslan were particularly interesting. We’ve done quite a bit of grumbling this weekend about people wanting tabby kittens but not black ones. They’re both lovely lads, but several people have offered a home to Aslan but don’t want Albert …. we suspect because he’s black, because to all intents and purposes they appear to be the same personality (purry, full of life and mischief, and very loving) in two different coloured jackets.

Albert & Aslan

Albert & Aslan

However the babysitting has found the difference between them. We half suspected it over the weekend when Albert met Nimrod very briefly and quit the rough play and let her pounce on him. It’s confirmed this evening. Both lads were interested in the little ones, but Aslan was quick to lose patience and have a hissy fit.

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Albert on the other hand seems to have styled himself on his beloved uncle Mowgli, and loves furry children. The picture below evoked so many feelings. So reminiscent of Mowg sitting with his little ginger kittens …. however this is young Albert taking on Mowg’s mantle and sitting chatting to little Nacho.


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