an epistle from Lord Merlin

We’re delighted that Merlin has stayed in touch with us since he went to his new home. He’s gone from strength to strength really, delighting in now being called “Lord Merlin” … though we can’t help but still think of him as Merlibops. Whilst most cats leave here with basic IT skills, he’s been polishing his over the last few months and today took control of his dad’s lap top to send his latest missive.


It’s me again, Lord Merlin.

Listen, while I’ve got control of the
keyboard I thought that I’d get in touch.

Things are going well here, I’m
enjoying the rather clement weather and my dad has put some nice garden
furniture and parasol out for me which I like to take advantage of at the
moment. We had something called a “barby” the other day and that involved me
eating lamb chops outside which I quite enjoyed, it was certainly different!

We’ve got a Spanish student called Miguel staying with us at the moment, he’s a
nice guy but I can’t understand a word he’s saying and when my dad talks to him
he speaks in this strange language too? What I have found though is that Miguel
seems to understand me, because when I meow at him he gives me Dreamies, he’s a
right soft touch. Don’t tell my dad but I’ve managed to get two breakfasts a
few times by conning Miguel!

I’ve still not persuaded my dad to put the
Archers on for me, so I’m right out of touch with developments in Ambridge.
I’ve spent the past month watching and listening to the World Cup and Wimbledon
and now he’s got me watching something called cricket. I sort of understand it
but I just can’t get to grips with the complexities of the LBW law, my dad’s
tried explaining it to me but in all honestly he may as well be speaking
Ancient Greek or indeed Spanish!

merlin july 2014

Right I must go I’ve just noticed that my arch
enemy across the road is out and about and I want to make sure that he doesn’t
get any ideas about going in any of MY gardens. I’m getting ever so brave these
days and scared him off the other day, I’ve attached a picture to prove it!

Speak soon

Lord Merlin ”

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