who washed my bed?!

All this warm sunshine has been so lovely its put us in a summer cleaning mood. We’ve caught up with all the washing, taken down curtains in the cat rooms and washed them. and then put everyone’s bed through the wash as well. We don’t expect any gratitude from the felines, no cooing and purring about how spring fresh their beds now smell. However we hadn’t quite anticipated the level displacement and disgruntlement this act would give rise to. No one seemed to know which bed they belonged in, or what to do with themselves. After about half an hour of grouchy milling around in the kitchen they all went off to find places to sleep – none of them in their usual places – which was a little disconcerting:

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The furry people who enjoyed this cleaning spree the most were the kittens. They have stacks of interesting and fun toys – but nothing comparable to a little pile of curtain hooks, or the pleasure of helping me re hang the curtains. Bless em …. nothing quite like trying to hang a curtain that has a gang of kittens, like tassels, hanging from the hem of it.

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