Postcards home – the A team

We seem to have got bogged down in stuff a bit recently and not got around to sharing some of the good news. It’s a few weeks ago now since the whole of the A Team settled themselves into their new homes.

Arwen went first, and despite all her talk about the kittens being a nuisance, she was actually quite anxious about having left them. She soon settled though and started to enjoy her new life.


Aoife and Alfie went next. They’d already spent quite a bit of time with their new family, as the family had been visiting from the time they were only a few weeks old. They came out their carrier and without a moment’s hesitation began exploring and generally taking charge of the house. They’ve persuaded the humans that they’re helping with the household chores …. we know different of course, but wouldn’t want to spoil it for them.

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The off went Albert & Aslan, bravely though a little less confidently. Young Albert had been in his new home less than half an hour when he removed the coals from the real effect gas fire and paddled around the room leaving sooty paw prints. I left as the humans were working out how to prevent him racing up the chimney. They’re happy young men now, though their humans might be surprised to discover that I’ve had a message from them asking for Aoife’s contact details so that they can work out how to get the sofa all to themselves.

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One thought on “Postcards home – the A team

  1. Claire C

    I do love your write ups – you should turn all this into a book! So glad the kits are doing so well. x


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