Postcards home – the L team

This is the biggest team we’ve had in rescue here. Never had a litter of five surviving kittens before, and never had a dad / uncle / boyfriend / new man cat arrive along with pregnant mum before. Nevertheless, Mowgli has delighted many people by his (sometimes clumsy) efforts to assist Lyra in bringing up the kittens.


It was a bit scary when Mowgli turned down the offer of a lovely home for himself, because he wanted to stay with Lyra. However, as luck would have it, a couple came to meet the kittens with a view to adopting, and fell in love with Lyra & Mowg instead. They were a bit nervous when they arrived in their new home. Lyra dived under the sofa whilst Mowgli went under the drinks cabinet. It was very touching when they started calling to each other, taking it in turns to check out more of the house whilst checking in with the other all the time. Very soon they were relaxed and confident and loving their new life. Wonderful to hear of them chasing each other across their new garden and finally crashing out on the sofa together.

mowgli & lyra settling in

Their little ones have done well too. First to go were Lily & Lenny, the most confident of the crowd. To this point, quite quiet, they chattered and complained loudly as they travelled to their new home. Once there, they explored more confidently than we could have hoped for, and amazingly employed the same technique of calling to each other whilst they did so.

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We thought the second pair might find it a little harder as they were less confident. But again we were proved wrong. Here’s Largo & Legato taking control of their new home

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And last of all, little Loki. She’d been the smallest of the litter and I’d have been most concerned about her had she not been going to some lovely friends of mine. Normally a very quiet and timid kit, she quickly established herself as a noisy and assertive young lady.

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