Postcards home 3 – the N team

This is the most recent team to go to their new homes, with Nala only have gone a few days ago.

Nuala & Nimrod (two of the kittens) went first. It was funny to watch the first hour or so of them settling in. Mum had done a sweep of their room and cleared things she thought might get broken. Twenty minutes after their arrival, she did another sweep and removed photo frames and several other things from thee window sill. Just before I left she was clearing yet more stuff out of their way. I could see them either a) ending up in a padded cell or b) arriving back here before midnight complete with ASBOs. Thankfully something appears to have been sorted and the little monkeys are now enjoying exploring their new home.

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Nacho went next. Interesting to see how she managed. She was going alone, but a more feisty determined little madam we have yet to meet. Within the first day she’d scared her (fully grown) step brother, bless him. Hopefully mummy and daddy are talking to her about how to be nice to other people as we write.

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And then Nala, the mummy, went off to her new home too. Of all of them, she was the most nervous. However she’s had the hardest life. Bless her, she’s protected her kits from the difficult bits. She was a stray but found herself a safe temporary space before the little ones were born. While they were still small and oblivious to the dangers of life, she hissed and growled and protected them when she first arrived here in rescue. They’ve never had to worry because mum has kept them safe. She crawled under the sofa when she arrived, almost risked coming out but then saw her reflection in the litter bin and dived for cover again. I had to lie on the floor and reach under the sofa to say goodbye, but was delighted to have a message the following day saying that she’d already learned to play a mean game of “snap”

nala first pic

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One thought on “Postcards home 3 – the N team

  1. Denise Wade

    Thank you so very much for helping us find Biscuit, she is beautiful, we really love her…….x


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