‘Restocking’ ;)

So apart from Bosca who seems to be getting her paws well and truly under the table, the house was empty of rescue cats over the holiday. My lovely friend Kath had had taken care of Tilly while I was away, and been there for her when she had her little ones. She was there for me when I arrived back jet lagged and hysterical about Sooty’s disappearance, and hung on to Tilly and family for me until the following weekend when I was sorted out and ready to take them home. So they arrived back here a couple of weeks ago, aged just 7 days old.

freshly unpacked

freshly unpacked

one week old

one week old

The plan had been to take Tilly and family back but not take any others in for a while, so things would be a bit more relaxed for a few weeks. However a rescue friend posted asking for urgent home for mum and three kits and the following day we were off to collect them. When I first saw mum I thought she was one of the kittens, she’s little bigger than Pippin who went to her new home before the holiday. It’s a bit complicated so I’ll spare you the details, but we ended up coming home with mum, her three kittens and their older two cousins.

the F team arrive06

It didn’t take long to discover they were full of worms and fleas. Complete sweethearts none the less. The littlest ones were happy to lie on their backs on my lap whilst I bathed eyes and picked fleas off their tummies. They love to be on laps and climb up the minute I sit down. Mum was a little more wary but once settled is a complete love, so gentle, such a baby herself.

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The cousins were a little more timid, and more of a concern as one of them was half the size of the other.


Little Floyd, as we called him, sat quite listless in the carrier while the others charged around. Thankfully when they were tired they kept him company.

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We took him to the vets the next day. Only 500g at 12 weeks old, but nothing obvious we could find to be wrong with him. He came home with convalescent food full of good stuff and we set about handfeeding him 3 times a day. Yesterday (so 11 days after the first vet visit) we went back to the vet with him – still very quiet but 910g! An ongoing mystery and concern as to what is going on with him. Educated guesses range between just not feeding well when younger and then not coping with fleas and worms on top of it, to some congenital illness which would be difficult to treat. This evening we went in to feed them, and took Floyd off for his exclusive (pouches cost more than £1 each!) meal

floyd starting to play1

He ate a little, not a huge amount. The usual pattern is that when taken back to their room he scuttles off to hide and sleep again. However this evening it was different. He got into a basket, but then when the other kittens were playing, started to get interested and eventually joined in. He didn’t take part in the mad game of tearing up and downstairs that the others were absorbed in, but look at this …. seen playing for the first time

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He got very excited – running around, tapping things, chattering to himself, like he was suddenly trying all the things he’d thought of trying, but didn’t feel quite up to it before. Go for it Floyd … be well little kitten ……. please …. x

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