It’s been a year

It was our official first anniversary last week. Rather like the queen we have two dates to celebrate – we kind of unofficially started in April 2013, gradually establishing ourselves as an independent rescue. However it was 23 September 2013 when we had our first official meeting, agreed our constitution and 8 Lives was formally born. So last weekend saw our AGM. It was a good meeting, with plenty of refreshments, the sound of kittens clattering in the bedroom overhead, and plenty to celebrate. Sooty grumbled bitterly about being asked to move off the table while we had the meeting … so of course he had his own way and stayed put:


Just in the year since September 2013 we’ve taken in 28 cats. The vision of focusing in our own postcode area hasn’t really worked out. We’ve had a few from S8, and tend to give priority to local cats, however, fate and other connections have intervened and we’ve taken in cats mainly from Sheffield and Chesterfield, a few from Rotherham and Doncaster, and (special cases for very special cats) Leo from Birmingham and Bosca from Leeds.





Four of the cats we’ve taken in have been pregnant females – with two of them we knew they were pregnant before coming into rescue, the other two broke the news of their pregnancies a little while after they arrived. One of them arrived with what we think might have been the daddy cat in tow … they were certainly in love, and to some extent shared the parenting. Between them they’ve had 20 kittens born here. For three of them that’s been a complete delight … mums and kittens all fine. Tilly’s kittens are still only tiny, but the other little families have all gone off to their new homes: everyone vaccinated and chipped, adults neutered (and confirmation from adoptive parents that kittens now neutered if theyr’re old enough). Chi’s story is still painful to tell even thought it was back in February. It broke our hearts and our bank account and if ever there was a good case to get your female cat spayed this has to be it A beautiful sweet mummy died and so did 3 of her 5 kittens.

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We’ve taken 37 cats and kittens to their new homes, several of them in pairs, a few as single cats. It’s amazing and wonderful how many lovely people there are out there who are looking to share their homes with awkward bits of fur. It’s been a delight to get to know them as they visit to get to know their adoptive felines, and to stay in touch and hear how the little ones have settled and made themselves part of their new families. There are some seriously lucky kitties out there 🙂    Hard to choose our favourite photos but here are a few of them in their new homes:

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It’s tricky to add up, but we estimate that we’ve done about 48 vet runs in the year (excluding our permanent resident’s appointments) sometimes with just one cat, but often with two three four … and maximum 9 at one point for vaccinations. We’re fortunate that not only do Vets4Pets offer us ‘frequent flyer’ rates, they don’t charge us rent for use of their waiting room, despite it feeling like we live there a lot of the time.

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