Mainly about growing up

The little Fs are growing nicely now. All vaccinated and micro chipped, and Flossie spayed. Flossie and Fudge took the big step of moving to their new home last weekend and are settling down nicely. Little Floyd whom we were worried about because he was so tiny when he arrived with us is growing into a size-able healthy young man. He was chuffed today when he went to be chipped because the lady said he looked like he was going to be a really big cat when he grew up. To be honest, we were pretty chuffed too – a few weeks ago it seemed impossible that he would be a big cat, and pretty unlikely he’d live to grow up. But now look at him – what a handsome young fellow too:



Meanwhile Freddie has been experimenting with taking selfies:

freddie and me doing selfies1

The T tribe are 6 weeks old tomorrow, something which seems unbelievable to Tilly who feels like they’ve been around for at least 6 months ! Poor puss, two litters of kittens in such close succession, and 6 of them this time! She’s looking forward to chatting to the vet about her contraceptive options next week, and then starting to look to make a life of her own. She thinks, and I’m inclined to agree with her, that 6 is just too many. When they come to feed now, all put together they’re well bigger than her, and are obviously starting to be uncomfortable and a nuisance:

tily and t team 5 weeks

Difficult to say whether its better or worse when they’re not feeding. When they’re all off doing their own thing, you need more than just eyes in the back of your head. I was with her the other night when Tess was starting to learn to run up the curtains, Tug was meowing for attention on the litter tray, Toby was squealing under the door to the F team, another kitten was crying because he was ‘lost’ at the back of the desk and the remaining two were squabbling and trying to push each other into the water bowl. Neither of us could quite work out who to attend to first.

They’ve been a very mixed little group. A couple of kittens had their heads in the food dish when they were less than 4 weeks old, it was over a week before any of the others showed any interest, and only in the last day or two at nearly 6 weeks old has the last one started to take any notice of the food bowls. Table manners leave a lot to be desired. Have a look at these pics taken last weekend and see if you can identify the ones who have started on solids 🙂

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