Floyd’s leaving do

It’s been an exciting and scary week for Floyd. He started off being full of himself that he’d bagged a home with the human that he liked … but as time has gone on, its begun to look a bit scary. Leaving his little cousins and starting out in his new home isn’t going to be easy for such a nervous young man. It’s such a good job that he’s got a kind and understanding new human to take care of him.

The hurdle of going to the vets for his second vaccination is over, he was calm and brave throughout, though we saw him holding Fern’s hand some of the time.

This evening has been his leaving do. Perhaps laying on a “Drugs and Dreamies” party wasn’t that well advised. He’s not normally been used to doing drugs … and the cat nip high blew him away a bit

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Inevitably it started to get a bit out of hand

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In the end Tilly had to step in ….

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As she explained, it wasn’t just that the older kits were drunk and disorderly, it was that they were encouraging her little ones to get high on it too …….. and at less than 8 weeks old she felt this just wasn’t acceptable

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