T Team leaving do

The T team leaving do this evening has been a bit of a sober affair, partly because Dizzie and Edward found the box of cat nip earlier this week, ripped it open and scattered it all over the stairs.

catnip incident1


However the main reason is much more sad …. within days of all her kittens being officially reserved, and Tilly starting to be able to have some “me time” and look for the purrfect home where she could be loved and pampered, she had a completely unexpected medical emergency.  Despite rushing her to the vets and it initially looking hopeful, surgery showed that the situation was much worse than any of us had feared, and Tilly was helped to Rainbow Bridge before she woke from the anaesthetic.    It’s been utterly heartbreaking to lose her like this …. one of the sweetest cats we’ve had in rescue, so deserving of a better new life for herself, and so close to having it.   Never expected her furever home to be at the bottom of our garden.

It’s difficult to know what the little Ts make of it.  They’re growing up, getting ready for independence and hopefully haven’t noticed too much.  If the whole thing wasn’t painful enough though …. looking up from digging Tilly’s grave to see a row of little kits on their bedroom windowsill watching me was one of the most painful moments in 8 Lives history.

The comfort is that Tilly has been very loved whilst she’s been with us.  She surprised us by being pregnant and worried us by being due whilst we were on holiday.  However she was cared for during that time by a lovely cat mad friend who reminded me how excited Tilly had been to show her her kittens when they were new born, calling at the door when she heard my friend go past and running to show her the little ones.

Tilly and kits one week old1

Such a sweet and loving mum even when they became a complete handful for both of us.

tily and t team 5 weeks

So wish she could have been here for the leaving do.  We played with toys and talked about new homes, and did our best to be brave but I think you’ll see a few sad faces amongst the photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Run free at the bridge lovely Tilly …. and go grab life by all four paws little guys!

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