Time marches on

It’s been a busy few weeks here getting all the little Ts to their new homes, and slowly coming to terms with the death of their mum. Unfortunately … or fortunately ….. depending on how you look at it …. there’s little time to grieve for the dead when the living make so many demands.

The kittens all seem to be settling into their new homes, and even timid little Truffle is making progress.

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Once the little ones had gone, Domino and Edward went off to the vet for neutering. Ed was completely fine as all our lads have been, but things weren’t quite that straightforward for Domino. Being a stray when she came to us we didn’t know whether Dom was spayed or not. As she wasn’t pregnant, as most stray females are, if they’re not caring for tiny ones, we thought perhaps she’d been spayed already. However she very vocally came into season a few weeks after arriving and we booked her in for her op. It turned out that she had cysts on her ovaries which made it a slightly bigger op than normal. Although this wasn’t great news, perhaps it’s what saved her from pregnancy. Unfortunately she came home and started removing her stitches. We went back to the vets and she was stapled and glued together and strongly advised to wear her buster collar. She grudgingly complied with this for a few days, until one night she managed to remove the collar ….. and shortly afterwards remove the staples! A very stressful period ensued where the collar was very firmly fastened, and (heartbreakingly) no concessions were made for the collar to be removed for her to eat or wash herself …. as the minute it was off she’d dive for her wound. Poor love, when the collar finally came off she washed herself (still under careful supervision) for a full 45 minutes.

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She’s such a little sweetie …….. all she wants for Christmas is a lap of her own to snuggle on ….. such a little cuddle monster.

domino loves her new bed

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