New year comings and goings

It seems that things in rescue can change completely in minutes. It wasn’t too surprising that we had hardly any enquiries about adoption in the run up to Xmas and during it. It was lovely being off work and able to spend lots more time cuddling both residents and guests, but there was the inevitable worry that some of our guests, I’m thinking particularly of the adults – Domino and Dizzie – could be here for quite a while. Once Boxing Day was over there was a flurry of enquiries, all about Yoda or just general enquiries as to whether we had any kittens. Just one enquiry was possibly about Yoda or possibly Domino. The weather was vile, but the home was local and it was a possible home for Domino ….. so off we skated to homecheck. Couldn’t have been a nicer home, and after introductions it was sooooooooo obvious that Dom and this lady were made for each other. The next day we did a homecheck for Yoda, a very nice home for Yoda, but made blissfully purrfect by the fact that when we arrived the family said they were interested in adopting our gorgeous Dizzie too since the lads were friends. So within a few days, both cat rooms were vacant and their former occupants absorbed in getting accustomed to lives of luxury.

The space meant that we were able to respond to a another very sad situation where someone was having to move home and simply could not find any rented accommodation where her cat was able to go with her. We’re fully aware that many people use this kind of situation as an excuse to dump their no longer wanted pets in rescue …… however it is also a very genuine issue for many people and one which is exacerbated by the recession. It feels so wrong that animals and the humans who genuinely love and care for them should end up separated from each other in this way. I found it quite heartbreaking to walk away with Wiccan in a basket and his treasured possessions all packaged up ….. almost too painful to think how he and his mum felt about it.

We’d just got Wiccan settled into his room when another email arrived …. needing to get a 4/5 month old kitten into rescue …. and just over an hour later Sugar arrived.

sugar arrives2

She looks like butter wouldn’t melt ….. but when I put my hand in that box she hissed and screamed, and was crawling with fleas. A week on and she’s running to me, wanting a fuss, loving to play, and almost flea free. She’ll still remind me how loud she can spit …… but we’re both a lot less wary of each other, and a little more hopeful for the future.

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