Naughty boys

We talked last time about the recent comings and goings at 8 Lives over Xmas and the New Year ….. this post is about the naughty boys who have stayed. It’s surprisingly easy to forget we have them …… “easy” because they’re living alongside the residents so just kind of blend in to what passes as ‘normal life’ round here. “Surprisingly” because they’re kittens and as such, tear around wreaking havoc. We’ve shouted to Ralph to come down from the top of the lounge curtains so many times that serious consideration has been given to renaming him – “Zacchaeus”.

You’ll not really recognise Dave – the terrified, food refuser who arrived a few weeks ago.

He’s cleaned himself up, and with some support from Ralph is feeling much much more confident. Confident enough to be one of the first to the fridge when I open it, and to take the prize as the cat most likely to trip me up because he’s so close. He also won last week’s “Best Behaved at the Vets” award. Having carefully explained Dave’s background to Dr Tim, and prepared a safe action plan for extracting him from his carrier and doing his vaccination, Dave proceded to be the perfect patient. Unlike our beloved old resident Sooty, who called the vet all the evil names under the sun, the moment he stepped out of his carrier. You’d think it was Sooty who had been born on the street with that language, not Dave. [Ed. Actually Sooty may well have been born on the street, who knows? we have no knowledge of the first 10+ years of his life.]

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“Ralph the emotional supporter” is also “Ralph the ringleader” … and takes David into mischief which we cannot believe was designed by anyone other than our little ginger horror. In addition to curtain-eering, one of Ralph’s favourite pastimes is to steal a packet of treats, race off with it and scoff them all. We first became aware of this when we moved the arm chair and found a collection of ripped and empty Dreamie (other cat treats are available) packets. Once vigilant we were able to spot the crime in process. It all happens very quickly, the sound comes first – the very recognisable crackle of a Dreamie packet, then a streak of ginger followed by a flash of black & white, and they’re gone. The current favourite munching place is under my bed – whether I’m in it at the time appears not to be relevant. Woke the other night to the sounds of munching coming up from under the mattress. I pretended that I was asleep ….. I hadn’t the heart to tell them off.

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