Happy Tail (2)

Our second happy tail is Dorothy’s tail.

When I started the two tails for Easter I was thinking the only thing they had in common were them both sending recent updates about their happy new lives.   Thinking more about their stories  I realise they have more than that in common.

Dorothy lived rough on a the street for many months, along with a group of other stray cats and fed by a kind and committed young woman.  That street was only a few hundred yards from where young Floyd was born.

dorothy before coming into rescue


She’d had a tough time having had kittens that didn’t survive whilst she was outdoors.   She arrived in rescue with an eye infection and a panic attack.

Thankfully both settled down: the panic attack within minutes and the eye infection within days, and Dorothy showed her true nature as a beautiful snuggle puss.

She was one of the stars of a photo shoot for our 8 Lives Calendar

Then when a super home was offered, and a lovely woman came to meet Jack with a view to adopting him, Dorothy – like Floyd – managed to sideline the intended adoptee and claim the home for herself. This in spite of the woman being clear that she wanted a tom cat as she’d always had toms. Well done Dot!

Here’s some of what her new mum has to say about her:
“I know I wanted a tom but Dotty seems to be a really good match with me. So thank you……She’s just wonderful. We’re still getting used to each other but she’s a joy. …. So glad she chose me.”

Way to go Dot!

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