Happy tails for the Easter holiday (1)

We have a couple of happy tails for the Easter weekend:

First of all this handsome young man posted his photo on our facebook page this week

floyd after his op

In some ways its a very ordinary, though always welcome, photo of one of our previous guests. He’d been to see the vet to discuss his family planning options and wanted to let us know what a fine, upstanding, socially responsible tom cat he was growing into. Way to go Floyd!

However the start of this story wasn’t so ordinary. Last autumn I’d gone with a cat rescue friend to collect a mum and 3 kittens from a home where several un neutered cats had given birth within weeks of each other and things were getting a bit out of hand. We’d got mum and kits into carriers, then two older kittens appeared. Shortly after we left with the little family we’d arrived to collect, plus their two cousins.

When we got them out the carriers here we had a shock. Mum and her kits were fine, but the cousins were er ….

fudge floyd1

…. differently sized to say the least. Little Floyd sat quite listless in the carrier for long enough to make me very anxious and get him off to the vets. We really didn’t think he was going to make it, but with care and his special food from the vet he finally started to come round.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

He went from strength to strength and when a lovely woman came to meet his little cousin Fuzzie, Floyd pushed him out the way and claimed his new home.

We anxiously waited to see how he’d cope with his new housemates, and still worried a little about his health. The only remaining sign of any difficulties was an umbilical hernia which the vet suggested was best repaired when he had his neuter op.

I don’t think we needed to worry too much about him getting on with his new family

Now he’s successfully had his op I don’t think we need to worry about him at all 🙂

floyd new bed

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