New arrivals – meet the D Team

Ok, so we’re full …… we know we’re full.    It’s chaotic around here with the Zeds bouncing around, and the two oldies, and Betty trying cope with kittens who are deeply reluctant to being weaned.  Not to mention the residents with Sooty needing to be kept in still, and Flipper collecting wildlife.  And my goodness its hot, don’t know what we’d do without our Flat Cat screens to allow us to open the windows some of the time at least.

betty & kits ..refusing to be weaned2

B Team refusing to grow up

However at the weekend we got a message from a lovely woman who was trying to help a mum and three kittens whom her dog had discovered living in their shed. All the other rescues were full too, she’d rung everyone ….. and finally found us on a google search. I ended up going out to check if mum was chipped. On the one hand it was a perfectly sensible first step in trying to help … on the other hand, I knew it was fatal. It’s one thing taking a deep breath and replying to an email saying “I’m sorry but we’re completely full …. here’s a list of other rescues to try …. ”    It’s quite another actually seeing a very young mum in the corner of a shed doing her best to protect her babies.   The woman had been doing her best to care for them,  had started feeding them as soon as she knew they were there, and done her utmost to protect them and get help, but the little ones were at risk of being taken by a fox and mum at risk of being pregnant again.  This lady had her own difficult personal situation to deal with and couldn’t do any more than she was doing.

mum with kits in shed

mum with kits in shed

The half formulated plan to leave them there but fund mum’s spay and sort out rehoming from there just dissolved. It just wasn’t safe for them to stay where they were. We brought them home and put them in a crate in the lounge.

daisy arrives4

A day later mum hadn’t eaten or used her litter tray … too stressed with the Zeds bouncing around and the residents grumbling about the seemingly endless stream of new arrivals. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so Daisy and the little Dots are now settling very happily into my bedroom whilst I settle on the sofa.

daisy settling in2

She’s the most beautiful little girl …. gorrrrrrgeous pale green eyes and a lovely gentle nature. Vet thinks she’s not a year old yet, poor little thing. Her kits are adorable …. and thankfully arrived in rescue early enough to learn to get used to humans.

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