keeping on ….. keeping on

You may have noticed that since the D Team arrived, its gone rather quiet on the blog.   I can assure you its not been so quiet off line.

We had a little panic with the B Team when Betty went off to be spayed.  Despite being over 7 weeks old at that point, no one other than Billy had shown any interest in being weaned.  I’d assumed when I booked the op they’d be eating for themselves by then, and then when they weren’t, hoped that a few hours without mum would prompt them reconsider their options for filling their tummies.   Spaying is a very quick and straightforward op and there’s very rarely any problem.  However Betty’s wound didn’t settle well initially and she ended up staying at the vet overnight.   The B Team had to have a crash course in eating: out came the blender and the kitten formula.   Thankfully within 24 hours Betty was home and recovering very well, and her kits were eating.

b team weaning

The D Team are estimated to be a couple of weeks younger than the Bs, though maybe because there’s only 3 of them, they’re already the size of the Bs.   They’re also a little slow with thinking about weaning.  I suspect its first time mums being quite indulgent.   Daisy is only a baby herself really, less than a year old, so this will be her first litter too.  The mums we’ve had where we know they’ve had previous litters are more likely to point the kits towards the Felix and retreat to a high shelf and let them get on with it.

daisy with the d team

Meanwhile the Zeds found themselves a young couple with nerves of steel who were ready to take on their crazy hyperactivity and are settling in nicely.   When I took them to their new home they’d been there 10 minutes before young Zebedee wriggled behind a bookcase we thought he couldn’t get to the back of, shuffled along until he was between the wall and the wardrobe and then started wailing .. which resulted in part of the wardrobe being dismantled to release him.   Poor Zacchaeus tries to be a good boy, but its tough when you have a brother with ADHD.   I spent the first week half expecting a text saying that the boys had been put on the bus to come back to us.  Nevertheless, here they are, in their smart new collars and looking like butter wouldn’t melt …….

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