I dream of my bed

A couple of weekends ago I was really excited about the prospect of sleeping my in own bed again.  You may remember I lost rights to my bedroom when we took in the D Team a couple of months ago.  Two of the B Team had gone to their new home the weekend previously …. and very happy they were too

benji and billy two weeks on

Then on the Saturday I took the three other B kittens to their new home ….. I do hope their mummy realises what treble trouble is going to be like

On Sunday morning I prepared to take mummy Betty to her lovely new home, happily running through in my head the order I’d do things in to get the B Team’s old room cleaned, move the D Team into there out of my bedroom, clean up my bedroom and get settled back in my own bed by the evening.    Taking Betty to her new home went to plan … here she is blissed out with her new found freedom from motherhood, an hour or two after arriving in her new home.

betty first day

The rest of the plan was … not so good.   As I was setting off to take Bet to her new home an email arrived about a mum and kits.  I’d heard about them earlier in the week, offered help, but not got a reply, so thought they were sorted.   They weren’t 😦    So after Betty was settled in her new place I came home, cleaned her room and went to collect the people who became the J Team.

J team1

They settled into what was the B Team’s room ……  the D Team stayed put in my bedroom …… and of course I stayed put on the sofa.  Not to worry though because the following weekend mum and one of the D Team kits were off to their new home, so maybe then we could manage the other D Team kits downstairs and I could have my bed.   We already had Shadow staying downstairs with the residents so it could be a bit of a grouchy squash.  Um ….. did I mention Shadow before?  She arrived on her own a few days before the J Team.   She’s no trouble at all so long as you have nerves of steel and don’t value your curtains.

cc shadow 3

Anyway …. back to the story.   It kind of got better because the other two D kittens had an offer of a lovely home and last Saturday was filled with taking the D Team to their 3 different homes.

Sunday was all about cleaning …. and blessedly reacquainting with our bed

amber & honey on my bed

It was comfy, it was blissful ..

jango in bed

It lasted three days … or rather nights ….

Then on Wednesday we had a call from the vets.   There was a very pregnant cat, obviously stray, not micro chippped, very desperate for a safe place to have her babies.   Scrambled home from work, dismantled bedroom and remade bed on sofa, bedroom turned into mother and baby unit, and then went to collect Elsa. (*mega thanks to aunty Jenny for helping with the quick turnaround)

elsa very pregnant

Some people would say I’m crazy … giving up my bed for stray cats and their babies.  It’s true I lose a lot of sleep by not having my bed.     It’s not easy sharing a narrow sofa with all the resident cats

My thought is that I could never sleep knowing that there’s a cat out there giving birth in a field, that I could have helped, if only I hadn’t been so precious about my bed.

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