Its been busy … (1)

There hasn’t been much time to update the blog recently … its been a bit crazy here. First the gorgeous Elsa had her kittens:

Quite a blur of ginger gorgeousness. It’s going to take a while before we can easily identify them each individually … though they are all different versions of ginger. It’s like Elsa only had one crayon to use whilst colouring them in … but has managed, using light and shade, to make each one beautifully and perfectly different.

We’re full and over full of course … However a couple of Sunday mornings ago, as I was dozing off for a nap after a bad night on the couch, facebook pinged asking if we could take two young kittens with no mummy. Within 30 minutes I was in the car going to collect them … from the other side of Doncaster.  Things with rescue tend to happen quickly … but when its kittens who aren’t weaned and have no mummy it has to happen even faster … faster than I can logically think about where we can put them…. but hey ho ….. indie inky

My mind going ten to the dozen about how to manage regular bottles once back at work the following day,  I was hugely relieved once I saw them, to realise that they were old enough to be eating a bit for themselves and wouldn’t need to be coming to work with me all week!  Still very needy and clingy and wanting milk though …

indie & inky arrive01

I can’t help but envy/admire Elsa and the ease with which she seems to manage her babies.  A snuggle, a purrrrrrrrrrrrrr, a swift lick and all seems to be well.  Meanwhile we’re boiling endless water to sterilise bottles and make up feeds, having the washing machine on almost constantly to deal with little furry accidents, and facing the challenge of kitten bathing.

indie bath2

Sadly little Indie (and his brother to a slightly lesser extent) were so horribly stinky that we had to brave the bath. I got it all prepared and braced myself for low flying kittens. Put Indie in the kitchen sink in warm water … fulling expecting all hell to break loose …… but he just stood there. I wet his fur, lathered him in shampoo …. and he stood there. I scrubbed a bit and then rinsed him off …… and he stood there. I picked him out, toweled him .. and he stood there. I started to blow dry him … his coat puffed out like a dandelion head … but he just stood there.

His brother Inky was more or less as good …but wasn’t so keen to pose for photos

inky blow dry

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