It’s been busy (2)

Regular punters will be aware of the two older girlies in the back bedroom ….. Maya and Gertie.

They’d been here for a while and it seemed like it could take forever to find them good homes. A few people asked after Gertie … but then let her down quite badly. No one asked about adopting May.

Then … out of the blue and almost lost in our junk mail folder … a message for Gertie that looked promising. Her potential humans came to meet her, saw that she was an adorably purry girl … and reserved her.

I’m not entirely sure whether its happy or sad that we don’t have the photos to fill the gaps here … you’ll need to use your imagination I guess.

Gertie and I set off to her new home at lunch time last Sunday. It’s in West Yorkshire, so a bit of a trek .. though nothing is too much to get our lovely girl settled in a new home. Just as we’d got past the point where it wouldn’t be a nuisance to nip back home, and onto the ring road with no shops to buy baby wipes, Gertie got so anxious she needed to do a sloppy pooh. By the time we were able to pull in and do a bit of a clean up, she’d stood in it, put her hands in it, and flopped 😦 Rather than the glorious arrival in her new home that we’d hoped for, we had a bit of an undignified shuffle into the utility room.   The redeeming features of this whiffy journey were that a) her adoptive family are lovely b) Gertie is a sweetheart.   Her new mummy ran her a bath in a washing up bowl and I held her in a towel whilst we cleaned her up.  Gertie, bless her heart, purred her way through the ordeal, and then slid her way around her new laminate floor with wet feet, getting acquainted with the place.

gertie day 3

Such a happy ending for this little girl. She nearly died dumped outdoors whilst blind and with high blood pressure. She nearly died again having been taken to the vet by dog walkers who found her, but not being claimed was about to be put to sleep. Now here she is starting her new life. Go for it Gertie!

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