It’s been busy (3)

It’s been a very exciting day today … I finally have my bed back after 3 months on the sofa!  However, that’s not the really exciting bit … we’ve had some other news too.  Before I tell you that …. lets just rewind to Saturday three weeks ago …

… My friend Jenny and I were chatting on facebook about a little cat whom she might have fostered but for various reasons it was no longer going to happen.   I made the not entirely throw away comment that she could always foster Maya instead.  “Not entirely throwaway” because I’d seen Jenny with May when she’d visited and knew Maya liked her, and had thought many times that a home like Jenny’s would be just perfect for May.  I thought I might well be dreaming when Jenny said yes she’d give it a go!!!!!

maya donut bed1

So we explained it all to Maya, who as you can see was very interested in the plan.   Unfortunately, like Gertie in our previous story, although she was delighted with the idea of the destination, she hadn’t quite factored in the trauma of the journey.  This is a little cat who had been slowly gaining confidence but still couldn’t really be touched easily, and certainly wasn’t ready to sign up to being put in a cat carrier.  We tried to grab her in a towel but she slid out like soap in the bath and was away, behind the desk, round the side of poor old Gertie’s crate.  Way too much stuff in that room to make it an easy capture.  Furniture taken out and piled on landing.  May scuttled into the hidey hole on her cat tree and glued herself to the back of it.  Cat tree unfastened from the wall …. and moments later I’m lying on the floor with an open carrier on my stomach whilst Jenny tips the cat tree up with the hidey box over the carrier desperately trying to get Maya to let go.  It doesn’t work, I get more anxious and stressed.   Jenny puts on the motorbike gloves that were kindly donated to us when we had to get May to the vet for her spay op, and tries much more bravely than I would have, to get Maya to come out.  Eventually Maya rushes out and onto the windowsill and I corner her with the carrier and slam it shut.  Once cat is safe in carrier I burst into tears … distraught about having put such a frightened puss through all this trauma and worried sick it would set her back.   Poor Jenny then torn between trying to sort out me and cat.


Thankfully this car journey wasn’t a long one and we soon got May set up in her new bedroom.   I went home to worry about how long it might be until Jenny messaged me to ask me to take her back.

maya settling in at jenny's

It wasn’t like that though.  The move set her back for all of a couple of hours … and after that she began to make progress beyond my wildest dreams.   By the next day I was getting photos of Maya having her head stroked

maya being stroked

Faster than you could imagine Maya was getting to know her foster sisters

and venturing out of her igloo


One of the most lovely things to see was her actually stretched out relaxed rather than hunched up

Even more lovely was to see videos of her having a head and face massage …. sadly we don’t seem to be able to download those from facebook and upload them here so you’ll just have to imagine.

Before her first week was over, the crate had gone and she was exploring the rest of the house.  Still with the security of Uncle Bob’s trusty igloo to return to


However she was happy to follow her sisters Milly and Missy downstairs and play (loudly) when the humans were in bed.  And then come down and sit in the conservatory when the humans weren’t in bed


It’s heartbreakingly lovely to hear how she’s playing with her foster sisters.  Apparently she’s rather noisier than they are … we wonder if she might have her Lancashire clogs on when she’s chasing around.

Today her foster mummy made an announcement on facebook which was the news so much better than having our bed back:

“Milly and Missy are pleased to announce that they have a sister .. Miss Maya Maisie May  x”


She’s staying … it’s a furever home …. Could anything seriously be better than that?   I asked her (ex foster) mummy what Maya had said when she knew she had a permanent home there.  She said she asked whether  she could sit on the furniture now ..


Breaking news is that she’s now asleep on mummy’s bed …. there you go … give ’em an inch and they’ll take a mile.  Having said that … so many miles from where her story with us started back in April this year … living in a grubby outhouse, very pregnant, very poorly and terrified.

maya before in rescue



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