hi .. have you got your bed back yet?

I find it amusing that the above has become one of the most regular greetings from people both socially and at work.

The answer is “YES! … kind of”  As of a couple of weekends ago, the little J Team went off to their new homes – here they are settling in

Shadow had moved into Maya & Gertie’s room when they moved out, but once the J Team left went into their bedroom, and then Elsa and the E Team moved into what had become Shadow’s room … and then finally we had our bedroom back.

back in our own bed

I say “kind of” because of course its not actually “my” bed … This fact is pointed out to me frequently at 3am by a multitude of starfish shaped cats, sleeping at right angles to each other. Apparently its “our” bed, but since they spend more time in it than I could possibly commit to, then really its “their” bed.

This fact was played out today when I wanted to change the bedding.  Being a fair and reasonable human being, I tagged them all in a facebook post, alerting them to the fact that the bedding would need to be removed at some point in the next few hours and could they please MOVE!

trying to change the bed2

Honey refused, despite the pillows being taken away, and the wash basket waiting for the duvet cover.  Jango  on the other hand reluctantly agreed to shift, but removed himself to sleep half way down the stairs making the rest of the cleaning operation rather awkward.

trying to change the bed1

I checked back every half hour or so, waiting for Honey to move.  Eventually she did …. However, she’d been replaced by an immovable Jango.

This isn’t entirely unusual. What made me laugh though was that he was just as reluctant to move when I started remaking the bed.

trying to change the bed6

Even to the point of sitting tight whilst I tucked the sheet in …

trying to change the bed7

Things got more interesting when Shadow bounced in – I’m hoping it works to follow the link

At this point … the point a few seconds after the end of the above clip .. Jango slumped out from under the sheet and slunk off downstairs. Shadow however continued to help with “Project: bedding change”

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