Juggling kittens

You’d think it would be quieter and calmer now that the J Team have left, but somehow it just isn’t. Perhaps its because the remaining kittens are getting bigger. In some ways that makes it better … Shadow has been spayed and is now being allowed out for brief periods. She’s burning her kitten energy off in the garden, chasing up and down the lawn and launching herself at low flying insects. That’s sparing our curtains from low flying cats to a large extent.

shadow outside for first time3

She’s a bit of a bully with the little I-s though, mugging them and snatching their toys off them … and a nuisance to the adult residents who don’t appreciate her pouncing on their tails just because they flicked them.  So sometimes she ends up banished to her bedroom.  That should give us some peace … but then she cries because she’s lonely and doesn’t really understand why she’s been shut away.

Meanwhile the I-s are getting bigger, and whereas at one time they’d have their bottle and then go to sleep on the sofa, they’re now venturing upstairs and bouncing on my head when I’m trying to sleep.  I’m enough of a crazy cat lady to roll over and shrug that off a lot of the time, but between Shadow crying in the room next door to my bedroom, and the I Team pouncing on me I’ve not been getting enough sleep to properly get up and go to work in a morning. So during the week, Indie and Inky are now being confined to the conservatory at night.  Of course it’s getting colder in there, so we’ve taken the Flat Cat screen from the E Team’s window and put it on the kitchen window, so that some warmer air goes through into the conservatory.  Then we make them a hot water bottle and tuck them in for the night.  There are always bedtime stories about lost little kittens finding their furever homes and living happily ever after of course.

cc inky & indie

Whenever possible we’re trying to let Shadow and the I-s mix in with the residents and have lots of cuddle and play time.  Sometimes that goes well …. Shadow, Indie and Inky can share a meal

shadow with the I team1

Or we have the wonderful sight of black cats in 3 different sizes sharing the space

Before anyone gets excited about adoption …. the large black cat is one of my residents and isn’t going anywhere!

Then of course there are the growing E Team …… but that’s another story.

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