a change is as good as a rest (2)

Having happily reacquainted ourselves with our furry Singapore friends, we set out on our travels.  First stop was Joo Chiat, which I’d mistakenly heard in French as “du chat”, and a lovely little shop called Cat Socrates.    I assumed it was Socrates himself who welcomed us to the store … he was very professional and business like as he greeted us at the door and proceeded to show us around the shop.

 However it seems that his name is Zoo_Zoo and he’s only one half of the operation.   We didn’t spot his colleague … maybe they job share.  I do like his tie though.  I wish now that I’d got one for our Sooty.   It was here that we picked up some info about a cat museum in the centre of town …. but more of that later.

A few days on and we were airborne again and off to Java to see the delights of Yogyakarta.   En route to the marvels of Borobudur we stopped at a stunning restaurant for lunch.

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Despite the haze and threatening storm I think it has to qualify as one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever stopped for lunch.  It seemed like just the sort of place a cat would appear on the patio, strolling around, oblivious to the importance of the setting.  …. And indeed he did appear … just as I’d packed my camera away safely and we were leaving.   This Prambanan puss didn’t escape the camera though


Who knows the extent to which he was aware of the backdrop to his territory or how many people had travelled thousands of miles to see it


He may well have been more aware of the storm that was about to break 2 minutes later.

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