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Is it seriously almost Christmas again?  Where did that time go?   Wishing you and your loved ones (furry and otherwise) the best of the season and all good wishes for the New Year.  We’re thinking back to last Christmas and all the lovely photos our former guests sent us, enjoying their trees and presents … and Xmas dinners. It’s super to see them happy and healthy and enjoying life, especially when we know where they came from and how different life might have been had they not found their way into rescue. Have a look at some of these lovely felines:

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Our older girls find lovely homes

It’s always wonderful to get cats settled into lovely homes, but I think the highlights of this quarter have to be Gertie and Maya … both older girls so more tricky to rehome. Gertie is a lovely friendly purry girl, who came to us having been found collapsed and blind in a field by some dogs out on a walk. When her high blood pressure was treated her sight was restored. She found a super home up in West Yorkshire with a lovely family.

gertie november 2015a

Maya on the other hand was healthy but “untouchable” and needed humans with endless patience and nerves of steel to adopt her. We’d been advised to find her an outdoor home at a stables/farm but just felt there was something about her, if given the right opportunity, she would really make it as a house cat. We weren’t wrong! Since arriving in her new home she’s just gone from strength to strength. I still need to pinch myself to be sure I’m not dreaming when I see some of the photos of her.  She gets on well with her step sisters … though they’re from very different backgrounds (they’ve been indoor cats all their lives) and clearly loves her humans.  She’s not ready to be stroked yet, but makes contact with her family by sleeping hugging their clothes.

Of course there have been lots of other happy re homings of less challenging cats … here are some of our favourite pics

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And inevitably our new arrivals … looking for homes

Poor old Snowy has lost his elderly human into a care home and is grieving, but ready to open his furry heart to someone else if they’ll care for him. Wilma and her kits are very anxious, having lived on the streets for a while. The little G Team are very small for their age having lived under a shed all their lives until last week, but slowly getting used to home comforts.

For sale – Calendars

Our superb 2016 Calendars are on sale … price £5 each.   Full of professional photos of our gorgeous rescue cats.  Perfect for your own wall … or for Christmas present for cat loving friends.

2016 calendar
1.  They’re on sale at Millhouses Vets4Pets and at Pet Company pet shop just up the road from the vets, 974-976 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield, and also at Victoria J Smith Opticians, 26 Terminus Road, Sheffield.

2.  If you fancy coming round to my house and playing with kittens whilst buying calendars, they’re available here – just email me and arrange a time to call.

3.  If none of these options are convenient you can get them by mail order by emailing  .. It’s Fiona’s company who kindly put up the money to have the calendars printed.  P&P will be added to the cost.

4.  They will also be on sale a Tesco Abbeydale Road on Thursday 10 December.  Please come along and support us .. we’ll have other lovely goodies available to buy too.

Have a wonderful (and safe) Xmas

Please remember that some of the traditional Xmas foliage is poisonous to cats


I was horrified to see a post on facebook this evening of a kitten who had died having become tangled in fairy lights.    Thankfully its not something that happens often  … but I’m sure if it happened to me I’d never free my mind from the memory.  Having arrived home this week to find a kitten who had fetched a paper carrier out of a cupboard and got tangled in it … the handles getting tighter and tighter as they’d twirled round in his panic … I can see how these accidents happen.  Please keep your little ones safe.

Sending Season’s Greetings to you all … may you be happy, healthy and safe … all all good wishes for 2016


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