a change is as good as a rest (3)

Back in Singapore again we did a few things that weren’t cat related and then headed off for the Cat Museum we’d seen advertised at Cat Socrates.


To be fair … if you’re looking for a “museum” its a bit of a disappointment.  However if you’re looking for a super cat rescue with some imagination ….. this is your place!   They only opened this year … in Singapore’s 50th anniversary.  The volunteer I spoke to said their aim had been to rehome 50 cats … but they went way past that target some time ago.  It’s kind of like a cat cafe, without refreshments, but people pay to go in and pet/play with the cats and hopefully adopt them.  I was intrigued to see petting guides …. I’ve downloaded something similar as I didn’t take a photo


Hard to imagine that there are people out there who haven’t really encountered cats before and need to be told.  However, if most cats in Singapore are indoor ones, and some families just don’t have them …. One of my earliest memories … age 2-3 I guess … was being warned about how (and how not!) to stroke my grandmother’s cat.

They had some very interesting cats, and lots of utterly adorable ones available for adoption.

Couldn’t help but be a little envious of the amount of space they had, in a prime location. And of this superb suspension bridge.

cat museum singapore nov 201515

As with our vet visit, so much seems very familiar … and in another way is so different. Lots of people working hard to get cats and kittens to safety and then get then settled in loving, furever homes. [Sadly also similar scenarios of how cats end up there, abandoned, not neutered etc.]     The give away is that the shapes of faces and colour are rather different to the Uk  … and of course the knot in the tail  can  make you rather abruptly aware that you’re not at home 🙂

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