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I’ve just been thinking about updating the blog … but then thinking that there’s no particular focus … “its just the usual sort of stuff”.  Then thought that maybe some readers don’t know what the “usual sort of stuff” is.

Quite a bit of it has been checking in with the progress of cats and kittens in new homes.  We had a bit of a marathon rehoming, with two pairs of kittens and two separate adults all going to their new homes within the space of a week.  All of them anxious to different degrees, so the general initial theme has been “hiding”. Variations on this theme have been “under sofa” (Goliath & Giselle), “behind sacks of potatoes”(Griffin & Gabriella) “under crate” (Wilma) and “behind piano” (Snowy).

First to go to their new homes were Goliath & Giselle.  Goliath is checking out one of his new beds here, but mostly for the first few days he and his sister hid under the sofa.

goliath settling in new home

goliath settling in new home

 It was lovely to have some video footage of them emerging from their hiding place and playing.   I’m  a little concerned that they’ve drunk that bottle of wine between them .. but it seems to have helped them to chill out and start to enjoy their new home.

Their brother and sister, Griffin & Gabriella went to their new home a few days later.  Gabby is the most timid of the family and scuttled off into the kitchen to hide behind a sack of potatoes.   Griffin spent his first few days torn between wanting to come out and cuddle and play with his new family, and wanting to sit behind the potatoes and re assure his sister.   To our delight … but also kind of as expected …. Gabriella quickly started to gain confidence and her most recent message to us said that she’d tried sitting on her new mummy’s lap for a while.   Is it just me, or is there something in that look that says she’s going to be a little madam once she finds her feet (paws)

The less happy story is that of Wilma.   It was never going to be easy with her.  She came out of her carrier hissing and spitting and hid underneath the cosy hutch that had been prepared for her.

wilma's new pad

However, aided by lovely new humans … and a little smoked salmon later in the day … she found her way to her cosy hutch. She even managed to not hiss when they put her heated pad in at bedtime … and accidentally touched her because it was dark …. and she’s black.  Just for a while it looked really quite hopeful.   Sadly a few days later she’d managed to tunnel her way out of her enclosure, and despite her humans’ best efforts she’s not been sighted since.  We try to remain hopeful that she’ll return.

Snowy rocked up at his new pad on Sunday, looked at the possibilities of hiding under the desk by the wine rack but then opted for the space behind the piano. He’s gradually emerged from there over the week and sent us some lovely updates about his explorations.    He’s particularly enjoying having found a lap to sit on …. a lot of the time …… bless him … it’s lovely to see him settled and happy again.

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