usual sort of stuff (2)

The obvious usual sort of stuff of course is taking care of the cats we have with us.   The main challenge with that has been the little Ws, Wilma’s girls.   They’re a curious collection because they span a wide gap in confidence levels.  Little Winnie is comparatively very confident: she purrs the minute I look at her, loves being picked up and cuddled, wants to play all the time.  She’s been a little shy once out of her own bedroom, or meeting strangers … though to my delight was happy and friendly with a lovely young woman I homechecked this week and now has her furever home secured.



Wispa is next in line … she’ll come out and play quite happily, but dash away the moment I move or try to touch her.  Wynter (I have to confess a little favouritism) is the least confident, hisses whenever I speak to her, but had a certain attitude that is very appealing.   I’ve spent so many hours over the last few weeks trying to get them all engaged in playing and taking treats from me.  It’s wonderful and amazing when one of them makes a slight move forward with confidence … but at lot of the time between those moments, its pretty boring if I’m honest.

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More of the usual stuff is food/litter ordering, and keeping accounts. We order a lot of stuff online, but some of the challenges come with thinking up replies to supermarket checkout assistants who can’t help but comment on the fact that we have 30 boxes of cat food pouches and a 4 pack of beer in the trolley 🙂

tesco voucher exchange2

There are always lots of emails and messages to answer both about cats who need to come into rescue, and from people who want to adopt. We’ve been fortunate to find some amazingly lovely adoptive families over the years, but not all enquiries are good homes, Just for the record: “ah mutch do u wont 4 it luv” ” i wont that un” and “av u got any cheep uns” are not regarded as appropriate adoption enquires. Likewise people who contact us needing a rescue place saying “can we just drop it off or do we need to make an appointment?” require deep breaths to be taken before replying.

Then of course we have to fit in all the vet runs. If we go to the vets very much more often we’ll be getting our own dedicated parking space and be obliged to take part in the surgery’s secret santa. They’re amazingly lovely vets (and nurses and admin) but of course it all takes up time. So many photos taken there:

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There’s lots of washing and dish washing going on too

You know what though? Despite all the stress and inconvenience …. I absolutely love it.

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