Spring Newsletter

Writing this newsletter is a lovely opportunity to step back from the day to day trials of running the rescue and reflect on the highlights of the last few months – its been an interesting time.


In March we had what we hope may be the first of many fundraising events at Stip the Willow .    It’s a lovely and rather quirky venue just off Abbeydale Road.    Our amazing fundraising organisers Jenny and Fiona planned and managed it all with help from various friends, family and Strip the Willow regulars.   Many of our wonderful friends and supporters attended and we had a fabulous evening.

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Our June event will be slightly different, but equally fabulous.    All the usual fun and quizzes . .. but also a live music session with Max Restaino .   I’d been a little to busy with cats to have heard of him before this year …. but he really is rather good 🙂

june fundraiser poster

Arrivals & Departures

We’ve had quite a few comings and goings with feline visitors since Xmas.  Having a little bit of money in the bank has meant that we’re been able to offer help to some more needy cats than previously.   Whereas previously we’d had to be wary of taking in old or poorly cats because we couldn’t fund their care, now we have fundraisers and supporters we’re able to help cats in more desperate situations.   Cats like Molly Mable – a teenager who had hidden inside the bed base when her human died and was only found a couple of weeks later.

Molly was quite traumatised when she arrived and refused to eat.   Once she’d had a dental (£300) and worms and fleas sorted she began to feel better.  She’s gone to a lovely new home now, still quite shy and jumpy, but very loved and in time will recover.

And Sage who was found as a stray, busy ripping all her fur out.  Poor puss was bald on her tummy and insides of her legs, and continued ripping until she’d made bald patches on her shoulders and head.   She’s a little sweetheart but clearly itchy and stressed.  We’ve managed to get her into a lovely pet free foster home, and she’s currently being treated by our vets.

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I’ll not show photos of the next cats I’ll tell you about because of confidentially … but we were able to take in a couple of cats from a domestic violence situation, so that their human could be moved to safer accommodation, and another couple of cats who had been abandoned in a filthy house when their family moved out.    All of them now have super new homes … and were able to stay in the pairs they arrived in.    The other brilliant news for regular readers is that Wispa and Wynter (the more timid sisters of Winnie) have found themselves the purrrfect home.   A wonderful woman who is happy to care for them, and let them grow in confidence at their own pace.

The gorgeous Snowy mentioned in our Xmas news letter also found a fabulous home.  An older couple who wanted a feline companion, but needed someone in their own age group rather than a crazy kitten.  Snowy is delighted to be sharing his retirement days with them.

snowy & sheila no face

Our ‘big story’ this quarter

We took in a couple of pregnant cats a few weeks ago.   A kind man, living on the edge of a village in North Yorkshire had been feeding strays on his land for some time.   Sadly he’d become too poorly to continue to care for them .. and about 10 un neutered cats needed to come into rescue.  We only had space for two (the others have found care in other rescues) …. and on the morning we drove up there, they randomly caught two pregnant females for us to take.   richmond pair arrive2

They were terrified when they arrived.   They’ve probably never been indoors before.   Gradually they settled and although not really handleable we’ve had the odd stroke and they’ll accept treats from my hands.    Whilst the original plan was to put them in separate rooms so they could have space having their babies, they were clearly close so we left them together, assuming that when kittens were born they’d find separate parts of the the room and give each other some space.

tabbytha & mowse cuddling each other3

What actually happened was incredible.  I could hardly believe what I was seeing.  When Tabbytha was ready to give birth they both huddled in to the ‘cot’ that we’d prepared, snuggling and purring.   Mowse put her arms round her labouring friend, licked her head and tummy and under her tail, and stayed with her throughout the birth, helping to clean new born kittens (and Tabbytha and their bedding).   As I write, the kittens are 3 days old and the two adults have scarcely left the nest … laying together with the kittens between them all the time.

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We’re waiting to see what happens when Mowse has her kittens …. hoping that Tabbytha will be as good a friend as Mowse was to her.

Other felines in happy new homes

I think this is most of the other cats who have gone to purrfect new homes over the last few months – apologies if we’ve missed anyone

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Committee Vacancy

We’re looking for an additional one or two people to join our small, friendly team.   We’ve been recognised as a charity for tax purposes, and are on the edge of being able to apply to be a registered charity.   We need someone who is reasonably organised and not daunted by HMRC paperwork to help move us forward with this.   We meet 3/4 times per year and otherwise get on with things when we have time and communicate through email / facebook etc.    Payment is by cake at meetings, and the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve made a difference to many cats’ lives.   If you think you might be able to help please contact us at eightlives@outlook.com

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